Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mad ACEO: Ink

This time we decided on a series to post, because these things are addicting!

Mine turned out variously, but it was good practice!

Sorry these images are super yellow; I'd correct them, but not right now.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mad ACEO: Black 2

Is this getting to be a habit?

We did another black ACEO...this time my picture is better, and I realized what Jessica was saying yesterday about the tooth of the smooth paper.  I hadn't seen a problem yesterday, but today I got out my Inktense blocks to use with my pencils and discovered that they really did not layer for long.

But my beeza turned out okay, anyway.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mad ACEO: Black

Jessica and decided to do more cards today.  The theme was black, because black paper is cooooool.

I took a couple of pictures because I wanted to show off the shiny, even if the colors are a little weird at this time of the day for me.

I used my metallic pencils, my Inktense pencils, and maybe a bit of Graphitint.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mad ACEO : Birthday

Jessica suggested that we do some ACEOs together.  I thought that was a fabulous idea, since I love doing them and would love to do them with someone else.

ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals, and I think this one might not *technically* qualify because it's just a little smaller than what the size is supposed to be, but...I don't care about technicalities.  I got these little colored papers when Jessica was here visiting and I thought it would be appropriate nonetheless.

Theme was birthday because...well, I couldn't think of anything else at the moment, lol.

Most often for birthdays, I have snowflake wrapping paper...because I love snowflake wrapping paper.  It was nice to do something a bit meditative today...this is inspired by the paper I used today to wrap Scarlett's present.  I don't usually use markers, so that was a fun change from normal.

Thanks for the suggestion to do these, Jessica!