Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mad! Fluffy

I really wanted to get color on this, but for the life of me I cannot fight out what is bugging me about this drawing yet. It's something subtle that I'm somehow not catching.  Going to let it sit and will come back to it.  I think the curlers are really throwing me for a loop.  (Haha!)

This is another sketch for the dressers.  :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sennelier oil pastel color chart

Here is a color chart of all of my Sennelier oil pastels!

The ones marked are among my favorites, especially for portraiture.

The right side of each color has been blended with white and I scrubbed the lower left a bit with a color shaper, to show a bit of opacity.

My oil pastels

Yesterday Nancy said she got some Sennelier oil pastels.  I was a little tired and thus not mentally charged for much painting, so I decided to do a little color chart of my Senns.  I needed to get my pastels organized, anyway, they've been a mess especially since they fell on the floor months ago.

This is what my box looked like after I took out all of my Senns.

This is all of my (small) Senns.  I have a couple of large sticks that live elsewhere.  It is pretty incredible that I only have this many...

And here is what they look like, newly organized!

And because I had it to show Jessica, here is a box of Mungyo oil pastels that I can't stand to use because they smell so bad, which is a real shame.  But the kids use them, so they are still loved.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mad! Late

This was supposed to be posed last night...I promise I didn't post it late on purpose! lol

Anyway, Jessica had a brilliant theme this week.  It really got me rolling.

This is a sketch of a pony I'm going to be painting on my girls' new dressers, once I can get around to painting the dressers themselves.  I was excited to be motivated to start these sketches, as there are a lot of dresser drawers!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Baby Ajax WIP

The Amazing Miss Jessica taught me of the wonders of clear gesso under conte crayon!

This is Ajax as a puppy, circa 5 years ago.

Conte crayon on Mi-Teintes board, 12x16