Sunday, June 27, 2010

Zebra Colt, head portrait, oil pastels, 9x12 rose gray Colorfix

Ink and Wash with watercolor pencils/Watercolor sketches

Small Moleskine, ink and wash using watercolor pencils
Regular Moleskine, ink and wash using watercolor pencils and watercolor
Monochrome watercolor sketches, 12x16 Hahnemuehle cold press

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quarter Horse Racer, 9x12, oil pastel on rose gray Colorfix paper

All the Pretty Little Horsies, 9x12, oil pastel, burgundy Colorfix paper

The other day my almost-three-year son set up some toy horses on the table and asked me to take a picture of them. :p I asked him if he wanted me to paint them. "Yeah." Well of course. :) So this is our team effort.

Baby Cheetah, Oil Pastel, 9x12, olive Colorfix paper

June Plein Air

Watercolor, small Moleskine

Watercolor, 6x10, Arches hot press
Watercolor, small Moleskine
Water soluble graphite, small Moleskine
Watercolor, small Moleskine
Neocolor II, small Moleskine
Neocolor II, 12x16 Hahnemuehle cold press