Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Zebra colt

Loew-Cornell oil pastels

Children's book illustration?

Loew-Cornell oil pastel

Fountain in the pond

Loew-Cornell oil pastel

Stuffed Panda

Loew-Cornell oil pastels

Baby Panda, Atlanta zoo

Loew-Cornell oil pastels

*Very* quick five minute sketch done from life. The wood platform she is laying on is not nearly so saturated in real life.

NeoColor II wash and Loew-Cornell oil pastel

I wanted to see here how the red would show through in a landscape.

I found I needed Sennelier white for blending of the sky.

More playing with oil pastels...

I toned the paper with water soluble crayons (NeoColor II) and loved the effect of the purpleish color showing through.

First try with oil pastels

Top is Sennelier, middle is Loew-Cornell, and bottom is Cray-Pas Speacialist