Friday, September 17, 2010

Watercolor Pencil/Watercolor WIP

Today I took progress shots of the sketch I was working on, with watercolor pencils and watercolor on top...sorry for the changing light in these and having to adjust the photos weirdly so you can see them. First I did a sketch with a very light purple pencil...which is a nice choice as it will all but wash away later if I make a lot of searching lines and such.And here I have blocked in the stripes with a golden ochre pencil.Then I layered more pencil on top, varying shading and colors to get vibrancy and texture in the stripes.
Then I wet on top with watercolor, adjusting colors, adding more shadow and background, and adding a few details.
I like this process more than just using pure pencil or pure watercolor...the pencil allows a lot of "drawing" and also leaves lines and texture under the watercolor, and the watercolor allows more vibrancy and nice washes.

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