Friday, June 19, 2015

More! WC markers

Jessica was here for about a week...and somehow despite all the conspiracies (which were definitely *not* devised by me) she made it back home.

But not before we were able to shop for art supplies together. 

She got some wondrous tins of fantastic things, and I got some more water color markers, a couple more water color sticks (I needed some greens very much) and a tube of pink water color paint, which also was a serious need.

I discovered that you need at least semi-decent paper for the wc markers or you can just forget it.

These are both from my sketchbook, but I have several types of paper in it.

This is just a sketch-type paper.

This is nicer drawing paper.

Big difference on how the marker worked.  I couldn't get any of the lines to disappear on the cheap paper...even just getting pigment to lift was minimal.  The nicer paper enabled me to completely obliterate maker lines (my phone thinks I should be talking about market limes, incidentally) with a bonus of very minimal paper buckling.

I haven't tried on actual water color paper, and I am looking forward to seeing how they work there.

Yay fun colored things!!

It was really fun having Jessica here, even if circumstances were such that I basically forgot everything that we were going to do while she was here.  We managed to have fun and drink tea and paint and visit dinosaurs and zebras, though.  And, I got her hooked on Halo, which she really, really needed in her life.

So, success!


Jessica P said...

Ohhhhhhh watercolor marker charts! <3 LOVE
It was so much fun being with you, even if we forgot...whatever it was that we were supposed to remember.

Fie on conspiracies! Fie, I say!

My art stuff (tins!) is posting tomorrow. Had a little unexpected detour today...

Rolina said...

Oooh, those watercolour markers are bold - love them!

I am glad you had a lovely visit with Jessica, sounds like you all had fun.