Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Mad ACEO: Fog

This week is about fog.  A lot of weeks could be about that, haha.

I really cannot say which of these images came into my head first after Jessica told me our theme--it might have been literal fog, but this first image popped into my mind so fast that I cannot be sure.

The Usual Afternoon Fog
(that is my desk during schoolwork planning)

Pink Fog in oil pastel
(these might actually not be done...and they scanned weird...and there are two more started in this series but they didn't make the cut as yet)

Now, the irony is, this week I have no Crawling Eye.  And I am *certain* that Jessica chose fog just for the Crawling Eye.  Why else would one choose this theme??

So I must apologize for the lack of the Crawling Eye...I had a few other ideas for this week that haven't materialized yet, too.

Beware the ides of December.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I would be foggy too if I had to do any school plans. I love the colors of the pastel.

Jessica P said...

I have to admit I wanted to see what the Crawling Eye was doing in the fog this week...

But your other foggies are just lovely! <3