Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Mad ACEO: Pan Pastels

This was a fun week of experimentation.

I was going to do a post all about my delicious new Japanese watercolors that I found, but...well, I didn't.  I still should.  They are an absolute delight.

Japanese watercolor and pan pastel on Arches cold-pressed Artboard

Japanese watercolor, watercolor markers, and pan pastel on Strathmore Toned Gray

Landscape, Southeast Idaho
watercolor and pan pastel on Arches cold-pressed Artboard

Great-Grandma's Backyard
oil pastel and pan pastel on aubergine Colorfix primed cardstock, mounted on mat board

Snow Magic
pan pastel on transparent oil pastel on blue mat board

The pan pastels on the transparent oil pastel were wonderful!  And I loved using them on the other two landscapes, too...they were very subtle, but contributed a nice softness and additional subtlety in color.  The zebracorn may not be done yet...the background could use some attention.  And again, the Japanese watercolors are wonderful.


Lisa Greenbow said...

My favorite is this last one of snow magic. I can almost feel the wind blowing across the landscape.

Jessica P said...

The!!!! ZEBRACORN!!!!! I am in love with the zebracorn!!!!!

I also love all the snow (of course) and the pink in the sky in southeast idaho is just perfect.

Naeobi said...

Aww, the zebracorn like on Scarlett's shirt. That still cracks me up.