Thursday, March 2, 2017

FLIP: Messy

Jessica and I are starting a new Motivating Project.

I mentioned wanting to do more illustration/design work and so Jessica suggested we begin loopy illustration project.  :p  I'm very excited about this.

This week's theme is Messy (totally a theme, not just the state of my existence right now).

I did some scribble work of the cats.

My scanner is horrible at this type of thing, so it only scanned sections of the pages, but I thought all things considered I'll just go with it.


Jessica P said...

Cats!! we both did cats!
I love your free loose sketches, they are very energetic.

We can surely deduce from our joint conclusion that CATS ARE MESSY.

Lisa Greenbow said...

Very interesting. I agree that cats are messy. So are dogs.

~!Carey said...

Oh that is true, that is so very true!

Thanks, Jessica and Lisa!