Wednesday, June 21, 2017

FLIP: Broken

I am so majorly late on this and I don't even have a reason.  Sorry, Jessica!

Anyway.  This week's theme was in honor of my fridge, which is now thankfully *not broken*!  Yay!  I guess it did some good.  :D

This may not seem very broken to you, but this is my old character from the game City of Heroes, which *is* broken and it makes me sad.  (It was an online game and they have since taken down the servers so it is no longer playable.)  It still makes me very sad to think of it because I really loved playing it.

(I need a large bed scanner!)


Jessica P said...

Oh, yes that IS sad. I guess that's the risk in online gaming, they can die out. :( your drawing is lovely.

Lisa Greenbow said...

This is a good drawing. Not broken for sure. Must be disappointing not being able to play a game you like. Too bad you couldn't purchase it.