Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ninja FLIP: Otterly Adorable

Jessica had a great idea to get us through the awful month of July.  We had a long narrative project that lasted the whole month with weekly goals.

Did I procrastinate?  Yes.  Did I not meet the weekly deadlines?  Um, it's true, I did not really meet the deadlines, though having them there was a really great incentive and it was helpful in proceeding. I actually learned a lot this month doing this.  It was great!

The weekly goals involved writing a story that could be told in four images, making a storyboard for said story, and then completing the images.

I did all of that, though I completely shifted gears halfway through and changed things up unexpectedly.  I had written a nice little story that was okay and short and, I thought, to the point.  And it was.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could condense it and condense it until just ended up being a single rhyming line, lol.  And the images I had cooked up worked so well together on a single long page that I thought I'd better just roll with it.  Originally I was not going to do all this calligraphy, but it called for it.

Story board for my original piece:

Completed image:

"So many things to pursue,
but giving big hugs is what we *otter* do!"

Now we just have to get through August!


Lisa Greenbow said...

July felt like we were in the devils lair here. August is starting out with moderate temperatures. This is bearable. I love your story and the drawings that go with it. So true and sweet.

~!Carey said...

Let's hope August is that way for us all, Lisa! Thanks!! :)

Jessica P said...

Your otters are wonderful, I love the calligraphy. Congrats on a successful finish! :)