Thursday, August 11, 2016

Still the ugly stage

This is what I was working on; I hadn't used the Torrit gray on it before, but I thought it would be good at these early stages.  I sat there a few minutes debating whether or not I wanted to get out more paint to continue working tonight, and I decided not to because I'm wanting to paint and thus I'm hopeful the motivation will remain to continue.  Which is a silly reason to have stopped.  Okay, the real reason is, I need to consider my color approach as I was going to start work on the background.

(edit: the medium combo was just tacked up 24 hours later, but it was touch-dry at about 36 hours.)


Lisa Greenbow said...

Nice start. Backgrounds always make me falter.

~!Carey said...

Thanks, Lisa! You know, me too, actually.

Jessica P said...

ohhh!! oily wonderful paint!
you are off to a great start.
How exciting. <3