Monday, August 22, 2016

Decent photos!

I'm finally getting some decent photos of some of my previous paintings!

 "Mama, Mama, Can I Please??"
30x40, oil on canvas

 Kitty's Noble Steed
16x20, oil on canvas

16x20, conte crayon on Mi-Tientes

16x20, ink and watercolor

 "Down the Stretch"
30x40, oil on canvas

12x16, oil on board

"The First Performance"
18x24, oil pastel on Colorfix

"Sleepy G" (unfinished)
20x30, oil pastel on Colorfix


Lisa Greenbow said...

These are all quite good. I must be a sleepy commenter because I like the sleepy cat and child the most. Or maybe the horse race. Or...

Jessica P said...

ohhh a retrospective!
I still think Kitty sleeping on the rocking horse is the funniest cat behavior ever.