Monday, September 5, 2016

Mad! Value

Somehow, both Jessica and I spaced it on our mad themes for a bit...but here we are again!

She made me pick...*I knew she would*.

I've been working feverishly with fabric lately...though I've none of that to show at the moment.  I was, however, thinking how with fabric it's often much more about the color (hue) than it is about the value of the color, while with painting and drawing, value is so very key and drilled into the consciousness.  The value of anything visual, though, makes a huge difference in the end product.

I went back to the trusty ol' ACEO this week...using a Mystery Paint that I am very excited about it which needs its own post, so you'll have to learn about it later.  As has been the case of most everything I use, it worked great on my Canson Mixed Media XL paper.

(there are *sparklies* in this painting!)


Lisa Greenbow said...

Very nice, I wish I could see the sparklies in this painting.

~!Carey said...

I wish you could, too! It's a real shame that they don't capture in images well.

Jessica P said...

I think I know what the mystery paint is......... yay!
Aren't ACEOs fantastic?

I'll post my theme when I get home today.

your colors are incredible.