Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Color shapers

These things are amazing.  And I love them.

I use them for oil pastel.  Sometimes I blend with my fingers, but most of the time I am using these.

These come in two types...a softer and a firmer and I use the firmer.

It is possible to use oil paint mediums and such things with oil pastel.  I recently tried this.  I used some solvent to help cover my surface at the beginning.  It was faster, but I didn't ultimately care for it.  Usually I am just blending with my color shapers, which creates a nice layer and also is just very meditative and I don't think I could use oil pastel in the same satisfying way with mediums, for the most part.

The color shaper on the right is very much loved since I usually work on Colorfix sanded paper, and he could probably use some friends...

Jessica also loves her color shapers.


Jessica P said...

Oh you diiiid! You posted your favorite worn-out stubby one! <3

you use the grey-tip ones? lol I use the softer white tip ones. Carey they wipe clean in half a second with OP, it is wonderful.

Maybe I need to try the grey ones now...

thanx a lot. LOL

Jessica P said...

Just want to add that I do like using solvent with OP, but I have been doing sketchbook work solvent-free. I think I might prefer using both solvent and color shapers.

~!Carey said...

They do wipe clean easily. But I am very rough with them, since I blend a little bit of pastel into a thin layer onto a sanded surface. The layer of solvent-op just didn't feel nearly as good as the thicker layer of scrubbed-on op. This is the same issue I have using oil paint with solvent, actually...just really do not care for the feel at all. Doesn't do anything for me.

Jessica P said...

I may have picked up some gray color shapers. Will do a comparison....soonish.

The solvent works for me like an underpainting, then I like to payer on top of it.