Sunday, July 26, 2015


You know what?  I love this.  (I also love the title of the blog, though it doesn't look like there's really anything else of worth that she says.  Too bad.)

I think that is fabulous.

I get the people who very strenuously disagree with what she's saying...I have always been extremely into privacy for myself.  But this has to go hand in hand with *actual good parenting*.  That's kind of the kicker.  I can well see how this good idea would backfire in many (most?) people's hands.  And sadly, a lot of people think they are being great parents when they are not.

But stupid people are no reason to throw out good ideas.

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Jessica P said...

Daya has conditional privacy. I tell her up front that her phone, internet browsing, etc is all subject to monitoring and I can see what she does. She doesn't care. I tell her that I need access to her passwords, if she has them. Her solution? She made her phone password the same as mine.

I explain it in the same way I explain going outside- we need rules to keep us safe. Since she is still a child, it is my job to make sure she is safe- and part of that is monitoring. She understands this and accepts it, because it makes sense.

That being said, I pretty much know what she is up to without having to do too much checking. I am always listening out for what she is watching, and doing, and I ask her directly. I do trust her, and she wants me to trust her. it is something we talk about. So yes, while I really do trust her, she is still subject to monitoring. I always reserve that right. Because I am her parent and my job is to keep her safe.

But we have a very close and open relationship, and we talk. We are also in therapy, and if she wants to talk in private in therapy, that's absolutely fine with me. She doesn't, though, and that is also fine. LOL if Daya's world is miserable, she definitely makes sure I know about it!!