Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sharpie Requirements

The other day, I was at the store buying, amongst other things, a package of Sharpie markers.

At the register, the cashier had to ask if I was over 18.

For Sharpies.

There I was, going through the usual motions of purchasing some things...and I get asked about my age over some markers.

Jessica thought this was incredible, too, so she went to see if the same would happen to her.

It didn't.  Twice, actually.

I'm not at all convinced this had anything to do with her state laws...I think that people there just ignore laws more.  (And more.)  (And more.)

But I'm glad to know she has a good supply of markers now, so she can mark what kind of twice baked potatoes she has wrapped up in her freezer.

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Jessica P said...

I need to make those potatoes........