Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Mad: Erased!

I had many thoughts bouncing around in my head for this week, but most of them didn't materialize (that might be a good thing).

Anyway, one thing I was thinking about is how weather can erase the landscape.  So, I did a couple of studies with that in mind.
5x7, Canson watercolor cold press Artboard, Inktense, Inktense blocks, and Japanese Watercolor
4x6 Canson Montval Acrylic, Inktense, Inktense blocks, and Japanese watercolor


Jessica P said...

Oh, isn't that interesting, weather erasing a landscape.
Yes, so true.

I love your Japanese wc work.

Lisa Greenbow said...

You must live near some mountains. The atmosphere does seem to gather and hide the landscape from time to time. Interesting thoughts and sketches.