Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mad! Negative Space

Jessica and I are at it again.  :D  Our joint theme this week is negative space.  Negative space is the space around a (positive) object.

Negative space is an interesting thing.  It's something I like to play with in floral design sometimes, thus the idea for my little ACEO here.  I also was thinking about designs of the type of card you would include with a floral arrangement.

Japanese watercolor, watercolor marker, watercolor crayon

Next is sort of combining this idea with last week's (I had wanted to do this last week, but hadn't managed it.)

I've been wanting to animate one of Scarlett's adorable horses, and here is work on my first attempt.  Negative space is something that is important to keep in mind in animation, though its importance would probably be more evident in a more realistic version of this.  ;)

Flip through these quickly if you want to see the movement, as I haven't actually animated it together in a...thing.  (My scanner didn't really scan these all the same size, so that in combination with my severe lack of perfection makes this a little wonky, but the idea is there at least.)

The original design is Scarlett's.  :)  This is done on some really cool plastic paper stuff...of which I cannot currently think of the name.  Durafix?  Something like that.  (Edit:  Dura-lar.  That's it.  Is Durafix a battery or something?  Tape?  Glue?  It should be something.)

Edit!  Jessica was sweet and she made me up a gif.  :)  Will keep original images here, too, just cuz.



Lisa Greenbow said...

I absolutely love the loose way of painting the flowers in your first aceo. I can't seem to let myself do this. Everything becomes mottled. I couldn't get the images of the second round to move. Maybe maybe my computer is too slow. More likely I am too slow.

~!Carey said...

Lisa, thanks, that is very much appreciated. It is something tough to do.

I don't know if this works for everybody, but when I click on an image in a blogger post, it comes up as a string of images, which I was able to quickly click through just by putting my mouse on the "next" image space...but I can't say if it works for anything outside the version of Firefox that I use.

Jessica P said...

Carey I really love your flower design...so pretty.
I'll send you a gif of the animation and you can stick it on your page. :) xoxo

~!Carey said...

Jessica, thanks for the gif!!!