Monday, April 18, 2016


So I pulled out my oil paint the other day.  No, really I did.

I found this old 12x16 canvas with its drawing on it already, but it's been waiting for a better comp and color scheme because the ref was taken in Georgia and Georgia comps and colors are no good.

So, to work it out I did a little ACEO (on Canson Montval watercolor rough using Japanese watercolor)

And then...I actually got out some oil paint!  Please don't faint.  :)


Jessica P said...

It took me so long to comment because I had to recover from fainting!

I tried the liquin impasto stuff and I like gamblin's galkyd gel much better.

btw i predict your painting will acquire some purple before you are finished.


~!Carey said...

What a prediction! :D

Yes, I suppose I am not surprised. I'm not nearly as picky over mediums as other people seem to be. (Probably because I'm not the vaulted "true artist", I guess, I dunno.) The Liquin impasto comes in a big tube and dries faster. :D