Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Mad! Mascot

For those of you just tuning in, Jessica and I have a weekly theme we do together.

This week I was sneaky and I offered a theme which I really have needed to do.  I admit I had a little secret wish that Jessica would think this was an odd theme, but I doubt she thought that, lol.  She probably knew 'round about what I was doing when I suggested it because she is very insightful.  And even if she didn't, well, she knows I'm weird.

I have had in my mind an idea to come up with a mascot for our school, and I thought this would finally push me to it.

Yay, look at that, it did!

This is a, well, fox.  Though really it's a kitsune.  In Japanese, kitsune just means fox, but they have a lot of myths about foxes, particularly clever foxes with many tails.  You might hear kitsune used in English on occasion to refer to these creatures.

I had, a while ago, decided upon a fox for our mascot...and I'm not really sure when the idea turned into a kitsune, though I suppose that was an obvious and inevitable development.  The four tails (nine is probably the most common number you'll see) was also an obvious choice, what with four kids and all.  :)  I don't think that my painting here is quite done.  It's an 8x10 on illustration board and the paint (Japanese watercolor) keeps lifting, probably because I am not waiting to let it dry.

I am doing a lot of debating whether to keep it just watercolor or to add ink or use something else as well.  So many choices.  I do have other plans for our mascot, as well.  :D


Jessica P said...

I didn't think it was weird. I thought it was timely and appropriate.

I! Love! your wonderful cuuuute fox!!!

we both worked on illustration board this week too. :p

~!Carey said...

Darn it, I *knew* you didn't think it was weird! :D

Thanks. <3

Lisa Greenbow said...

A very cute fox. I always want to pet those big fluffy tails.