Monday, May 16, 2016

Mad! Fabric!

This week on crazy-mad-artists, Jessica and I are working on fabric.  Well, okay, I'm absolutely certain Jessica is only metaphorically working on fabric (unless maybe she used some canvas, but I'd put money on the idea that she didn't).

But I really did.  Lovely fabulous fabricy fabric.

First, I finally sewed up a sleeping bag that the cats thought would be fun to put their claws in once.

Then, I fixed this poor lizard's tail who likewise had been waiting some time for some attention.

 But then, oh then, I finally got back to work on this little toy blanket I started for Gavin years ago.

The silly thing is, the dinos have actually been finished for some time; I just haven't put it all together yet.

Each of these squares is about 3x3.5.  I designed them, drew them, transferred them, appliqued them, and embroidered them by hand.  I still need to put the backing on and then quilt them, close to being done!

Yes, lots of work.  Very meditative, though, and I admit I'm positively tickled by the results.

Also, I have declared my downstairs to be Usable Now.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You should be tickled about this project. I love the dinos.

Jessica P said...

Those dinosaurs are astounding!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I mean, WOW.

See I knew you were sewing this week, and you knew I was sooo NOT.

you are so clever and gifted. <3

~!Carey said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Jessica, haha. Admittedly, this is much better than my actual fabric drawing and painting, sooo yeah. Don't know what that says ultimately about me. :D