Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mad! Patterns

The amazing Jessica and I do a weekly art theme together where we pretend to be planned and organized.  :p  I have more work I could show for this week's theme, actually, but none of it is cuter than this, so I'll just show this for now.

I found my apron recently so I was wearing it, and guess who else wanted aprons.  Made the pattern with some freezer paper and they turned out really well I thought.  Scarlett def needs more pencil pockets, though.  Can't have enough pencils.

(Scarlett on the left, Toria on the right.  Note the ballet poses, as well.)


Lisa Greenbow said...

Your models are precious. Cute aprons too.

Jessica P said...

you are way more amazing than I could ever hope to be.

Your girls are the ultimate of amazing.
Your sewing, obviously, is beyond amazing.