Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mad! Cute!

Okay, so if this post doesn't give you cute overload, *nothing ever will*.  Which would be sad.

So, as is our amazingly long-lived standard, Jessica and I do a theme together each week.  This week couldn't really fail.  It just couldn't.  No way.

This ACEO sat around for a while as a pencil drawing because I loved the drawing so much I was afraid of painting it.  But I did eventually.

Also, must add this...

I am getting ready for the local art fair next week (in theory...).  I bought some frames today for my display.  I asked Scarlett to go over to my ACEO pile and choose three that would go well together.  This is what she chose, lol!  So perfect!  (I really think I'm actually going to do a couple of mama-n-baby horse aceos to replace the top and bottom here to go along with the theme of the middle...haha, I am so weird it's awesome.  Scarlett and I, I think we are related.)


Lisa Greenbow said...

She must have thought the carriage needed horses to pull it instead of a big eye. Ha.. Love it. I like all your paintings.

Jessica P said...

ohhhh I am so glad you decided to paint the zebras! They are adorable!

the baby crawling eye is so cute it is ridiculous!