Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mad! Notebook

Drumroll once again for our weekly theme!  Where Jessica and I embark upon madness together...

This week's madness concerns notebooks.

I have a lot of notebooks.  Tons of notebooks.  I use them and love them and they are great, but they have a tendency to get a bit jumbled together and I don't know which is which or where I put this one or if that one is at all serviceable anymore...

So, this week I created new covers for some of them.  I've been meaning to do this for some time and finally got around to it.  (And in the process developed some really spectacularly new and awesome and amazing ideas for Notebook Usage, but that's another story.)

This book is for history notes.

Closeup of Napoleon's hat.  He must've lost it during a campaign.

This book is for keeping track of copywork and spelling words and other like sundries.

And this book is for language learning.  Yes, I am a bit odd.

And of course, after I started these, I had to assist in doing three more, one for each of the minions.  But I forgot photos of those.  It shouldn't be possible to be so ridiculously excited about something like spiral-bound notebooks, but we are.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Your notebooks are cute. Much better than the mundane covers they come with. Those blank usually black covers of sketchbooks are a challenge to me. I often do something to them.

Jessica P said...

I kNEW you were doing cool things to notebooks!!!!