Monday, July 11, 2016

Sans children!

I made it out today sans children!  I went to the zoo to paint zebras and take pictures of the baby snow leopard!  (Will have to share leopard pictures when I can get them off my camera.)

I didn't have children, so what the heck, I used my stroller to take all my art supplies, lol.  It worked great even if I got a few odd looks.  (I don't have my regular computer, so I can't edit my pictures as usual; sorry 'bout the blueness.)
That was the baby zebra from last year; she's pretty big now, but she's still got a lot of fuzzy fuzzy brown baby fur.

I will admit, I didn't even have any of her stripes down before she moved and all the zebras went into their barn!, but I wanted so much to use the stuff I brought out that I made due with what I'd started.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I think this is magnificent. I thought of you when I was at Office Max this week. There was a notebook with Zebras on it. They moved when you moved the notebook. You need this.

~!Carey said...

Oh, you're right! I *do* need a notebook like that!!

Thanks, Lisa. :)

Jessica P said...

a beeza-butt!!

Using a stroller for art gear is pretty brilliant huh. I never thought of doing that.

I'm so glad you had such a nice break from the childrens...funny, you spend your breaks the same way I do- out painting.

~!Carey said...

What a coincidence. :D