Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mad! Mist

I think maybe Jessica and I are a bit behind on our themes, and I'm going to blame summer.

Anyway, our theme this week is mist, and I wanted to use my sumi ink...and then Jessica sent me some amazing pearlescent Japanese watercolors!!  Perfect for playing with mist.

I used rice paper and painted on both sides of the paper.  The ink was on the "right" side, the normal Japanese watercolors I used on the back, and the pearlescents I used on the front (and a little on the back in the top right corner of this image to see if it would show through.)

Here is the front:

Here is the back, where you can see the pearlescence did not show through where the ink and paint were at all thick, but in that upper right corner in the above picture where the paint was really thin, it did show up!  Pretty cool subtle effect.

You can't see the awesome in-person effect of the pearlescent watercolors, as usual, but they are wonderfully fun.  Thank you, Jessica!


Lisa Greenbow said...

I like the first photo best. The swirl of the clouds. I can see the mist.

Jessica P said...

These are beautifully clever.
I need to post my mad mist...I'm lost in the dry mists of summer. It is dreadful. :(

Jessica P said...

I have finally posted my mad mist!! :o