Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Blue signing table sketch

In the day of photos everywhere, sometimes people like a bit of a different approach.  :)

Here is a sketch for a design for a potential signing table arrangement.  Blue hydrangeas and delphinium.
(watercolor marker on Canson XL Mixed Media)


Jessica P said...

I LOVE blue flowers! <3

~!Carey said...

Me too!!

Lisa Greenbow said...

True blue is difficult to get in the garden. This is a lovely sketch. Love the colors.

~!Carey said...

Thank you, Lisa! It has always been interesting to me how rare it is.

There's a thing about historical language development where languages do not develop a word for "blue" until they've got a number of other color words (kind of like how the word "periwinkle" wouldn't develop before other colors). Even though there is the sky and the ocean (which is only sometimes blue), I wonder if this linguistic tendency has to do with the lack of a lot of terrestrial blue.