Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mad! Nirnroot

For those of you just tuning in, Jessica and I have a weekly theme we do together.

Our theme, keeping in our patented ridiculousness, is nirnroot.

Nirnroot is a glowy harvistable root in the Elder Scrolls games (notably, Skyrim). It sounds pretty when you are near it.  You just can't walk by a glowing, charming root like this and not rush to pick it, especially when you need to harvest like fifty of them for some lazy alchemist over in...somewhere.

Mine is on matboard, and I think it might be 11x14 or some such.  I have been debating how to properly achieve its unique qualities, so it's not done.  (Not because I started this late, no, certainly not.)

"Dragons were never gone. They were just invisible, and very very quiet."
--M'aiq the Liar


Lisa Greenbow said...

I guess if you didn't have to worry about dragons attacking you would have finished this. Nice start.

Jessica P said...

awwwww we have matching nirnroots! <3

I think i killed M'aiq the Liar but I can't remember for certain.

~!Carey said...

Exactly, Lisa! I'm glad you understand. <3

Oh Jessica, why would you do such a thing?? :o