Monday, April 20, 2015

Scarlett's Flowers

Somehow, I actually managed to Do Something last night.

Scarlett, who is 4 1/2, had her first ballet this weekend.  She was a butterfly in Cinderella.  It was *adorable*.  She got some flowers from Daddy, and I thought it would be nice to preserve them by painting them for her.  I've got some good references to work from, but I had to start with the flowers in front of me...and they got dehydrated, so they are not going to last.  So, yay for painting last night!

I am doing them in oil pastel, and I wanted so much to mount my Colorfix paper on some foam core board, and I ultimately decided that I didn't have any...then I walked into my bedroom and discovered, I did!  So much lighter than having to use my drawing board.

I really was tempted to use oils...but that would have pushed my other project back (probably by months) and I just didn't want to do that.  I do *not* think it a good idea to start more than one oil right now.  And I don't think I had a canvas that was just perfectly sized, anyway.  And, it would have taken forever and probably would have just ended up like crap in the end.  I really was tempted, though.  But, op it is.

I didn't really choose this color of kind of chose me.  I could have used a light blue, which I'm sure would have been great for the comp...but somehow I just wasn't in the mood for that.

I even got farther on it last night than I figured I would.


Rolina said...

Wow - that is lovely! And what a brilliant idea, too.

Jessica P said...

Wooooow! you got a lot further than me...I'm so proud of you for painting AND for finding the foam core!

And it came out so nice. <3