Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mad ACEO: The Moon, The Moon!

Only one person in the world will get that reference.
(you didn't even know it was a reference, did you?)

Anyway.  Has been an interesting week in some ways.  I *ahem* sort of just realized, well...*I have a scanner.*  I mean, I knew this.  And in my defense, I don't usually think most of my work scans well.  But these did, very well in fact.  So, yay.

Interesting thing regarding these, #1: I got a very cool package.  :D

Interesting thing #2: I cut some very awesome cards out of watercolor board, which I love love love. 

There are other interesting things.  I shall spare you, at least for the moment.

So, this first card is a whole bunch of stuffs.  Done on Canson XL Mixed Media, with watercolor markers, watercolor sticks, pencil, and Inktense pencil.

This second card came from my wonderfully exciting package...it was primed with acrylic iridescent which I thought would be *perfect* for the moon.  I was right (the right side of the moon is pure surface), though I had a rough time getting oil pastel to stick to the smooth acrylic.  But then someone mentioned pan pastels and lightglobe went off and yes, pan pastel is *awesome* over oil pastel.  The surface is a delightful velvety contrast to the iridescence.

This next one is the above-mentioned watercolor board (like illustration board, only wc cold pressed surface).  It took my watercolor markers *beautifully*.  But it did need sparkles, so I used some sparkly stamping powder and also some ink.

Canson XL Mixed Media again. Watercolor marker and an extremely small bit of ink. Sorry, Kitty, for messing up your cute feetsies.  I promise I'll get them right next time.

Canson XL Mixed Media a third time with ink, watercolor sticks, watercolor, and watercolor marker.

This was a very fun week.


Jessica P said...

ooooooh I LOVE your amazing glowy moons!!! LOVE! They are cosmic and spectacular.

panpastels over OP...i never did think of that. HMMMMM

(i *almost* clear-gessoed the cards but decided last minute against it)

I shall beware the Crawling Eye on the Moon...
and seriously I love your sparkly glowy moon series! <3

AnnieA said...

You probably won't see this, but it looks like I may be the one person in the world...
"The moon, the moon, Alice!"
~Jackie Gleason as Ralph Cramden on the 1950's TV show, The Honeymooners. I guess that not only establishes me as unique (the one person in the world), but also as very, very old. :lol:
But "To the Moon, Alice" also appears to be the name of a band that I hadn't heard of, so maybe I'm not unique after all.

AnnieA said...

...and I should have said how much I love the moons, and in fact all of your art, Carey. I love the way you experiment with materials and subjects!