Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Mad ACEO: Oil Pastel

The theme Jessica chose this week for our ACEOs was oil pastel.

I wasn't sure what I felt about doing itsy OPs, so I thought it was a wonderful idea.  :D

Turned out better than I had expected, as far as working small.

This first one...I swear it has oil pastel.  But only the cloud surrounding the Crawling Eye.  On Friday, Scarlett came home from dance with some Halloween stickers, some of which were disembodied eyes.  You know I had to borrow one of the stickers.  The rest is ink, watercolor, and white oil pastel.  Turned out great, though I wish I'd figured in the clouds into the comp from the first.  Still, I like it.

I made an effort to make my photos look nice!  The colors are still a bit off, but it's an improvement nonetheless.  This is my view of the sunset over the Salt Lake.  On illustration board, which is my favorite support for these.

Another illustration board, this time a marsh.  Probably has nothing to do with the Marshwiggles in Narnia because we definitely were not reading that the other day.

This one kind of got abandoned because I didn't like the surface...it's my lovely cold press paper which I usually love (see Mr. Crawling Eye above), but I did not end up liking the oil pastel on it.  Anyway, it's the sunrise from my deck, opposite the Salt Lake.

I ended up with four this week.

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Jessica P said...

Carey these are all seriously amazing!! See I knew you would do cool things with the OPs.

The crawling eye is rather brilliant. and Puddleglump would approve of the marsh!


Wonderful work.