Sunday, November 15, 2015

Too much and too much.

So sad, the world.  My heart goes out to so many.

And there are answers, and there are solutions, but that's not what people want.  People want to marinate in their own selfishness instead, lifting themselves on high.
So often we are left mourning in cases where we have answers and others will not listen due to their self-involved centeredness.

God help us.

I am not sure why I even bother to talk to people sometimes.

I am continuously misunderstood.

And, though I appreciate some good skepticism, people who marinate in it are just annoying.

Why should I even talk to you when you a) don't even stop to think about the best response b) don't understand where I am coming from c) don't try to understand d) genuinely believe you understand when you haven't done the above and e) don't appreciate what I am talking about, anyway?  I have so little common ground with others, it seems.


~!Carey said...

If you think that terrorists can be stopped by appealing to their humanity, you're a little crazy.

Jessica P said...

Oh they are insane, no doubt about it.

Jessica P said...

I have a bloggy going up about this on wednesday. :)