Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Hey, I'm gonna start posting!

 So I have a little motivation these days...and I need something to keep me sane.  Jessica and I have embarked on a sketchbook project to kick us into gear.  She suggested it at just the right moment it seems, when I really needed it and I finally managed to get a bit of energy.


Jessica P said...

SPIROGRAPHS YAY!! I am really glad you are blogging. I think you should blog. Every day. Like me. :) <3

Rolina said...

I am enjoying blogging again and I am pleased to see you re-starting yours again too!

Love the butterfly, drawing and the beautiful spirograph. That takes me back to my childhood!

(I hear congratulations are in order for a forthcoming August event - squeee!)

~!Carey said...

Jessica, you are right.

Hi Rolina! I am glad, too.

Yes! Should know what type of madness we are getting here in a few weeks.