Thursday, March 5, 2015

In memoriam

It strikes me that I don't ever put any photography here.  Well, now I will.

It's been a rough week.  :(

Last night, my tea pot shattered.

I was holding it, turning to throw away some tea leaves, and it felt like it just *leaped* out of my hands.  I've no idea how it happened.  It was probably inevitable.  I think the only person in the world who can match my talent for breaking dishes is my two-year-old.  But even so, it was horrifying.

My tea pot was wonderful.  It was polish pottery which I had gotten from Germany.  It leaves behind a grieving tea warmer and some cousin polish pottery.

I *did* manage to find a replacement online (actually two replacements, but one will have to do for now), but my old tea pot will still be missed.  :(  I will be sad and altogether angry for some time.  Accidents happen, it's part of life, but they can still be so stupid.

(At least Harrison Ford wasn't seriously injured in that crash today....I was really worried for a moment; my week has had enough sorrow, I couldn't handle any more.)


Jessica P said...

I am here for you if you need support in the grieving process. RIP special teapot! :*(

These freak things happen...your life goes in slow motion...reminds me of the time when my camera literally jumped out of my hands into the duck pond at the zoo. that hurt.

So I feel your pain. xoxo

Jessica P said...

and hey are those the cat bowls I got for you a long time ago? :)

Rolina said...

Aw, bye-bye kamikaze teapot :(

Cathy said...

So sorry for your loss! I know how I'd feel if I lost my Polish pottery!