Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Little Pony handmade sketchbook

So before I could start our sketchbook project...I had to finish making my sketchbook!
I have learned that I love love love book making.  <3 p="">
 I had done the text block this last summer with various types of paper.  The cover is done in paper collage with a touch of ink, and fabric on the spine. 
The characters on the front are Japanese.  It says "My Little Pony".
 It was clearly not complete til it had a sliding baby pony on the back!
 I must note that the headband matches the pony bows perfectly!
(Was very proud of this detail.)
 There is something about paper collage that I love on the covers.
Perhaps it is the slight dimensionality it gives.
Scarlett (my four-year-old) watched me intently through part of the process.
 Then she came back with this!  So precious.
 Note the attention to detail by using ink lines on the rainbow.
(I don't know why that picture is sideways...it just refuses to cooperate.
Maybe it has been talking with my children...)

Here are the other books I have made, alternately using fabric and paper.


Jessica P said...

you always blow me away. truly. this is astounding...such patience you have.

Rolina said...

Oh the handmade books are so special - I love them and they will be wonderful to work in!

Scarlett is clearly going to take after her mom (and she is four! FOUR!! She is growing fast).

~!Carey said...

Thanks Jessica and Rolina!

Rolina, I know it!! So crazy.