Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I love the long evenings!

This time change is rough, but oh what lovely times it brings to the evening.  I thought our small stint of snow last week would have killed off our flowers, but apparently not!  My front yard smells glorious!

One year for the spring time change, I was able to do an experiment.  My husband was deployed and I was in Germany and I had zero need to adjust my time.  No one else aside from a toddler was around, even communicating with family didn't make a difference since there was such a big time difference to begin with.  I tried so hard to not adjust my time.  I really did.  No one else was affecting me at all.  I could only make it a month and my internal clock changed on its own.  It was an interesting experiment.


Rolina said...

It does look very spring-like there already, it will be a week or two for us, here and that is when our clocks go forward too. I too, naturally wake up earlier and earlier as the season gets underway. Oh, it has been a long time coming this year!

Jessica P said...

every time I see pics of that rock I think about donuts. So now it is the Donut Rock. Forever.