Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Perfect Moments

So yesterday I learned of Leonard Nimoy's death.

I felt pretty crushed.

I am not really over DeForest Kelly's death, either, 
but this one...I knew this one would really get to me.

Sometimes you just know, even when you can't really know first hand, that a person is good and special.

He unquestionably made a huge difference in the world.

And he will be very sorely missed here.

When I read his last public words, I really lost it.
How amazing and astoundingly appropriate.

I've got plans for this, but I've really got to straighten out that lettering...


Jessica P said...

Beautiful, Yes, a great loss to the world...he did leave so much behind though. <3 Your calligraphy is gorgeous as always

Rolina said...

He will be missed by so many.

Your calligraphy is astounding and that quote is lovely.

~!Carey said...

Thank you Jessica and Rolina. <3 <3