Friday, May 22, 2015

Color Charts!! WN WC sticks and Inktense Blocks

I love color charts!

I forgot that I had meant to post these first ones a few weeks ago, when I first got some WN WC sticks.  Here are the sticks:

I compared them with the Aquabriques I had, which are similar, but more like actual blocks and not sticks...I found these in Germany and when I looked before, I was sad that they were unavailable here...and now they *are* available!  So I think I will have to get some, because they are softer and more vibrant and really nice.

Sketch of my pencil case using only the above WC sticks:

Now on to the new stuff...I had a hard time picturing how these WC markers were supposed to be...but they are FUN.  Will definitely need to build up my set of these.   (The L was done in WC stick previously.)

New WC sticks:

And my Inktense blocks.  I love these; they are wonderful.  First swatch in the row is the pencil, followed by the can see how *easy* it was to get super rich tones with the blocks.  They are quite soft compared to what I expected...reminded me a lot of Conte Crayons, actually, only with a slightly waxier, less blendy feel.  The top of the page I was experimenting with making the ink in the built in palette of the blocks.  Very cool.  Very, very cool.

Overall, the WC sticks were pretty hard, especially compared to the softness of the Inktense.  But, good for more subtle applications, I think, which I like at times.  The Aquabriques are in between the two.  I have to wonder if the Daniel Smith sticks are softer than WN (I am suspecting they are, though I haven't really looked into them specifically).

I expect it will be a very wc-stick-type-thing summer...

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Jessica P said...

I love color charts! Yours are so pretty! <3