Thursday, May 21, 2015

Cuts wood. Sharpens lead.

As mentioned previously, new art supplies were inevitable this month.

This is what I got yesterday...

 (And stuff for kids.)

The Inktense Blocks are especially exciting...I had no idea they had them in block form and I am really looking forward to seeing how they work. They have a built-in palette for...I guess making Inktense ink!

I doubled my supply of WN wc sticks, because I had to...the ones on the left are what I got a few weeks ago and the ones on the right are what I got yesterday.

I don't think I knew Micron pens came in such fun colors, so I needed those, too.

The wc markers were by the sticks and I'm having a hard time imagining why they are wc, sooo, must try them.

And, maybe my best find...who could resist an axe pencil sharpener???

The packaging just says it all.  I had to have it.

I also got something for, gasp, oil paint!  I don't know why I've never tried any gel mediums...I think that will be suitable to me, as the only reason I don't tend to use mediums much is that I find them more of a pain than they are worth; the gel will likely be good for me.  And I am curious about that pastel board, as well.  I love my Colorfix, but that company makes some good stuff, so I have to see how it is.


Jessica P said...

What a wonderful selection! You did need all of it.

Oh my gosh WELLS TO MAKE INKTENSE INK...that is absolutely brilliant.

I am proud of you for getting glow in the dark paint.

You will like the pastelbord, it is a great surface.

that axe sharpener is fantastic.

Rolina said...