Friday, May 15, 2015

Men's clothing

Men complain about women's fashion (and, I think, rightly so in most cases), but I have to wonder what the deal is about men's fashion.  They seem much more concerned, to be honest.

My husband had to buy a suit a couple of weeks ago.  He's not a suit-wearing-guy.  He's not fashion-conscious, but he does wonder the same things I do...whyyyy can't boys/men have some choices?  Oh, there are a *few* choices out there--but the alternate choices are just really lame or stupid.  Men's clothing wasn't always this way.

So we went in to find a suit.  And though we knew there would be little choice, it is *astounding* to discover *exactly* to what extent this means.

There were racks and racks of suits in the store.  It was not a small store, and it was pretty packed full.  Thousands of suits.

There was pretty exactly one type of suit.  ONE.

There were different colors (slightly) and certainly there were options of or expensive.  And there was *one* very *slight* alteration in lapel, if you happened to be the right size.  But they all had the same styling otherwise.  They all had exactly the same number of buttons.

You could still get a different tie.

That's about it.

So appalling.

Don't even ask about the hats.  They did have a few really cheap and very ugly hats on the wall, just as a token.  So awful.  My husband isn't a hat-wearing-guy, either, but it personally makes *me* mad that there were no hats.  Hats really need to become a thing again.  There is no excuse and I consider it to be in the category of the outrageous.

No wonder our culture is in such a state.

My husband did make the suit he chose look nice, though, I have to admit.


Jessica P said...

I love being a girl! :D
We do get the better clothes for sure.

Rolina said...

Yes, even younger men are still fairly conservative dressers.

I wonder what the world would be like if men dressed as elaborately or vibrantly as women do?

And yes, hats - bring back hats for everyone!