Sunday, May 17, 2015

Phone books

I used to have a serious problem with phone books.  For a solid six years, probably more, I could never get a new phone book.

I like wiping my brushes on phone book pages, so I need phone books. (Though I don't need them nearly so much any more, I still do need them.  They are also good for oil pastel, and very necessary for oil stick as well.)  Jessica had to send me one a few years ago because I was in such dire need.  They last a long time, but when you don't get any replacements, it is an unacceptable situation.

Since I have been here, I have received at least four phone books. Maybe five because I have a feeling I can't find the fifth.  Four!  In six months!  Granted, they are very smaaaaall, thin phone books, but this still illustrates the differences between here and the last two places I have lived.

Also, most of the phone books I have gotten are...well, beautiful!  When have you ever seen a beautiful phone book??  I never had before; never.  They are amazing.

Give me the western states anytime; you can keep the rest.


Rolina said...

They really are the best for wiping brushes etc. I don't seem to get them any more.

The covers are lovely on yours!

Jessica P said...

I sent you phone books to Germany!! :)

Anytime you are running low, let me know. Periodically we get a stack left in front of my building. They are not pretty though.

I much prefer oily rags. Now, however, I am curious about the phone book idea. Perhaps I will pick one up for myself next time.