Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Zebra stick

Life sucks right now...will suck for almost another year.  I guess I can at least say that I have an end date to hope for.  So sometimes I feel like doing things and sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I will have blitzes of motivation and sometimes I won't.  So I guess that's normal on the surface...but it's not really.  You can feel the depth of life on any ordinary day, and of course you can feel it on really good days.  But on bad is really there.  And it is awful on those days, though sometimes they give us the greatest insights.  I wish such could be otherwise.  I don't like being miserable.

I am surprised at how this sketch turned out yesterday...I very, very, very rarely like my only-watercolor pieces...usually they require ink to redeem themselves.  But this actually turned out well.  It is my zebra walking stick, because I was too lazy to get out of my Comfy Chair to get anything else to paint.

I love my WN wc travel set.  I have always loved it.

It is so cute.


Jessica P said...

Sigh. Yeah, sometimes everything just sucks. And there's just nothing to do about it. It's not always insightful either, it is just....miserable.

I recommend blogging about art supplies, which I see you have done here, so good job. Your WC set is tremendously cute.

So is your WC sketch, which is very successful.

Rolina said...

I am sorry about the sucky times :(

But I love your sketch and the WC set, it is gorgeous!