Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Purple Possiblities

Another in a series with Jessica!!

I love purple. Purple has so many possibilities.

Purple goes with just about everything sensible, which is why I love my occasional purple hair. (It hasn't been purple in some time...I have been thinking that certain inquires need to be rectified...)  And purple eyeshadow is my friend.

Purple is a great shadow color (even when not talking about eyes), a perfect shadow color itself or color to mix into shadows.  It's a great color neutralizer.

In oil paint, my favorite color mix *ever* is a nice bright yellow ochre mixed with dioxazine purple.  It's a fabulous neutral, and has many other purposes skewed to either side.  

There's usually lots of both in my zebras.

I use the same combo in watercolor.  Here's an example in the sticks.

I've been experimenting with trying for the same results in my Inktense, though it's harder to do directly since the colors are so rich.

More subtly applied in an actual sketch, though, they still make a very useful combo.

These (all of which I have done this very weekend!) all have purple.

Sometimes the thought crosses my mind that I use too much purple. Then I come to my senses and realize that's not possible.

Don't forget to read what Jessica says about purple.


Jessica P said...

You know what I discovered?: If you mix purple with pthalo turquoise you get the most amazing fantastic wonderful gray color. Try it!

I love your zebras. <3

Rolina said...

I love purple! I shall use it more, maybe it could cure my blue addiction?