Sunday, February 21, 2016

Clydesdale Comparison

This was painted on the same surface as my first Clydesdale, but that one was regular watercolors and this one is Japanese watercolors.

ACEO, Arches Artboard coldpressed watercolor, Japanese watercolor 

I scanned them side by side so as to see the comparison.  I wasn't trying to match color schemes exactly, and my methods were not exactly the same for painting these (the watercolor has conte crayon), but I think you can see how much I love love love the Japanese watercolor.  The colors are just smoother and brighter.  Both paints have their places, but I am really smitten with the Japanese.

Oh, also...the new one uses my new gold paint...ohhh my I love it!


Lisa Greenbow said...

These big boys look good either way. I can see how you would like the more intense colors of the Japanese WC. They would feel more effortless when using them.

Jessica P said...

They are both very successful paintings. Very vibrant work.