Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Dear Budweiser...

Your commercial yesterday sucked.

The justification I saw for it was that "horses don't sell beer".

Um.  Yes they do. I don't even drink it and I've bought Budweiser before.  (In fact, I have some *sitting right here in this room*.)

(Nevermind that the beer is fifteen years old.  That is how awesomely horses can sell beer.)

The (boring) abomination you showed yesterday will certainly not sell beer.

And really, is anyone not buying your beer because your commercials are not...whatever?  Manly, I guess?  Bartendery?  People are not unaware of Budweiser's existence.  The purpose of your advertising is exposure, getting people to think of you.  But who on earth ever wants to see that torpid piece of coma-inducing narcolepsy again?  No one will ever look that up on Youtube.  

"Hey, you remember that one with the, uh, pouring beer?  And the...words?"

Not so much.

Let's think about it. Better idea, A or B?  A: Advertisements which create a unique appeal beyond your "normal" base (invoking powerful emotions which are not usually associated with your product and which are likely to be recalled spontaneously).  B: Uninspired flashes of images and "power words" which are clinically designed to appeal directly to your typical target customer (really really obviously appealing to your typical target customer, that is, to a point where only the most ignorant individuals of said customers will not realize it is anything except propaganda directed specifically at them).  

Advertisements are always propaganda, but let's be a little subtle and clever about it and at least produce something enjoyable, especially if you've proven yourself capable previously.  Then I won't even resent you!

In protest of the gross negligence on display yesterday, I painted the above painting today.  It is an ACEO on Arches coldpressed watercolor Artboard with Japanese watercolor and conte crayon.


Lisa Greenbow said...

You very eloquently expressed how I felt about that awful ad.

Jessica P said...

I have to go look it up on youtube now.

~!Carey said...

Jessica, you're the only one after yesterday.

Lisa, I'm glad there are other sane people in the world.