Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mad Continuation

We had a last-minute theme today.  :D  Still working on our WIPs.

(I tried to fix my yellow photo, but only got a bit of improvement.  I knew there was something I wanted to do today before the sun set...)

Anyway.  I don't know how much of this I will continue on...I am happy with it though I might work a bit more.  (I admit I am tempted to pull out my oil pastels for it, too, though I'm not sure I really want to.)

Again, I have used watercolor with pan pastel on top, and I love the combination.  I think I'm starting to realize why...there are two possibilities.  Either I really just suck at watercolor (which is true regardless) or I just don't really honestly like the look of most watercolors (which again is true, with qualification...not that I don't like any, but beyond "sketch type work" or pen and wash, etc, I feel that you need to be quite good for it to turn out really excellent--to a point I'd be pleased with it if I'd done it myself).  But anyway, some combination of those two reasons means that I don't often like my pure watercolor work.  The pastel on top gives it a wonderful softness that fixes my issues with it.  It usually doesn't even take much pastel at all, as I have been learning.

I'll take a better picture of this later for sure.

I'm also working on some posting concerning my recent painting activities.  :D

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Jessica P said...

It is so pretty and misty and wonderful. <3