Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mad Beer

Our theme this week is beer.


Actually, I think beer is funny.  I don't drink it.  I can't claim to think anyone else should drink it.  Somehow I find it funny.

Go watch Strange Brew and maybe you'll understand, lol.

Anyway.  Actually...I do have more than this, technically, but this is all I got *done* as far as the theme.  It would have been better than this but my head hurts.  Not from beer.

ACEO, Arches coldpressed watercolor Artboard, watercolor crayon
Beer Shake
(does that sound delicious or what?!)


Lisa Greenbow said...

I do drink beer and a beer shake doesn't sound very good to me. Seeing a Clydesdale shake it's beautiful head would be memorable. I do like your sketch.

Jessica P said...

I love your horsey! <3