Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Mad Space

Back to another theme done with Jessica, this one is space.  I was experimenting a lot and thinking about how water can look a lot like how we envision space, and vice versa.  I also just wanted to do a lot with color.  :)  These are all ACEOs.

Canson cold pressed watercolor with watercolor marker, Japanese watercolor, watercolor crayon, and oil pastel

 Canson XL Mixed Media with watercolor marker, Japanese watercolor, and watercolor crayon

Canson Montval Acrylic with Japanese watercolor and watercolor crayon

Sennelier oil pastel card with watercolor crayon and oil pastel 
(this one reminds me a lot of the ball-of-light-type aliens on Star Trek, which is good since that is what I was going for)

Canson Artboard canva-paper with Liquitex soft body acrylic 
(I found these on Awesome Clearance at Michael's this week)

I got a lot done this week; I'm a little proud of myself.  :)


Lisa Greenbow said...

Good for you... These look like nebulas that I have seen in pictures. Love em.

Jessica P said...

Sooooo pretty!!!!!