Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Mad Butterflies!

Mad Butterflies!!

Butterflies are so incredibly interesting.

I have been thinking Scarlett needs a butterfly unit.  She was thrilled with the idea of going butterfly hunting (though was a little put out that we couldn't do it *today*...it snowed today).  Combining this idea with our theme, I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a scientific-esque drawing of a butterfly.

Even though we won't see Monarchs til summer, I thought it would be an appropriate start.  I've done a few copies of this...started out in pencil, traced it on some funky new graphic art plastic paper, and I have been working on inking it.

The wings were a bit mesmerizing.  The image started out on Bristol vellum and is 4x6.

Those don't have any color yet, so here is an ACEO on rice paper with sumi ink and Japanese watercolor  :)


Lisa Greenbow said...

Your monarch is a good study of pattern. The little butterfly is sweet.

Jessica P said...

That's some intense pen and ink work.... lovely!